Atomic float+

No hardware I know of has atomic floating point operations but here's a handy little code snippet from Matt Pharr over on the PBRT mailing list which emulates the same functionality using an atomic compare and swap:

inline float AtomicAdd(volatile float *val, float delta) {
     union bits { float f; int32_t i; };
     bits oldVal, newVal;
     do {
         oldVal.f = *val;
         newVal.f = oldVal.f + delta;
     } while (AtomicCompareAndSwap(*((AtomicInt32 *)val),
         newVal.i, oldVal.i) != oldVal.i);
     return newVal.f;

In unrelated news, I've taken a job at LucasArts which I'll be starting soon, sad to say goodbye to Rocksteady they're a great company to work for and I'll miss the team there.

Looking forward to San Francisco though, 12 hours closer to my home town (Auckland, New Zealand) and maybe now I can finally get along to Siggraph or GDC. If anyone has some advice on where to live there please let me know!

Also a few weeks in between jobs so hopefully time to write some code and finish off all the tourist activities we never got around to in London.