Atomic float+

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No hardware I know of has atomic floating point operations but here's a handy little code snippet from Matt Pharr over on the PBRT mailing list which emulates the same functionality using an atomic compare and swap:

inline float AtomicAdd(volatile float *val, float delta) {
     union bits { float f; int32_t i; };
     bits oldVal, newVal;
     do {
         oldVal.f = *val;
         newVal.f = oldVal.f + delta;
     } while (AtomicCompareAndSwap(*((AtomicInt32 *)val),
         newVal.i, oldVal.i) != oldVal.i);
     return newVal.f;

In unrelated news, I've taken a job at LucasArts which I'll be starting soon, sad to say goodbye to Rocksteady they're a great company to work for and I'll miss the team there.

Looking forward to San Francisco though, 12 hours closer to my home town (Auckland, New Zealand) and maybe now I can finally get along to Siggraph or GDC. If anyone has some advice on where to live there please let me know!

Also a few weeks in between jobs so hopefully time to write some code and finish off all the tourist activities we never got around to in London.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum is finished and the demo is up on PSN and Xbox Live. I was pretty much responsible for the PS3 version on the engineering side so anything wrong with it is ultimately my fault. I think most PS3 engineers working on a cross platform title will tell you that there is always some apprehension of the 'side by side comparisons' which are so popular these days. This one popped up pretty quickly after the demo was released:

The article is quite accurate (unlike some of the comments) and it was generally very positive which is great to see as we put a lot of effort into getting parity between the two console versions.

The game has been getting a good reception which is especially nice given that Batman games have a long tradition of being terrible.

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Tim Sweeney's HPG talk

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This link was going round our office, a discussion over at Lambda the Ultimate regarding Tim Sweeney's HPG talk.

Tim chimes in a bit further down in the comments.

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