More Metaballs

Posted: December 28th, 2008 | No Comments »

So after running my Metaballs demo on my girlfriends laptop it appears to be GPU limited due to fillrate. This is mainly due to the overkill number of particles in my test setup and the fact they hang round for so long, but the technique is fillrate heavy so it might be a problem.

It'd be nice to do a multithreaded CPU implementation to see how that compares, but the advantage of the current method is that it keeps the CPU free to do other things.

You could probably get more performance in some cases by uploading all the metaballs as shader parameters (or as a texture) and evaluating them directly in the pixel shader. Also I just realised I could probably render the 'density' texture at a lower resolution for a cheap speedup.

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GPU Metaballs

Posted: December 20th, 2008 | 5 Comments »

I've been meaning to implement this idea for ages, it's a GPU implementation of 2D metaballs. It's very simple, very fast and doesn't even require hardware shader support. Seems like the kind of effect that could be useful in some little game..


It's quite fun to play with (use left drag to rotate the emitter), so I might try and fancy it up with some better graphics and collision.

The demo is below, I'll probably release source at some stage but at the moment it's all tied up in my dev framework which needs to be cleaned up (the exe is also larger than it should be as I have all sorts of crap linked in).


The simulation is just done using my simple particle system but it would be fun to implement smoothed particle hydrodynamics..